EPISODE 182 - The Notch bucket

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Hello and welcome to Episode 182 of the GameOverCast!

This week Nijinsky, Radar, Danny and Tom bring the hate.

The show opens with the good news that Nijinsky is now engaged, woop! Radar breaks protocol and passionately talks something completely unrelated to gaming.....

In games we talk mor Titan fall, FTL Advanced edition, Dragon Age 2 and mucho more.

In news Radar gets ragey about Notch, Molyneux and Bruce Lee?!

The show closes with us discussing whether Atari deserves the reputation it has.

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A very quick intro as to what this actually is. A podcast about games, not a review cast, not a preview cast, and not something based around the editorial of a magazine or a website.

It is in fact 4 friends who have spent a large portion of their lives playing computer games way of venting our views about games, the industry and the public perception of gaming in general. It is occasionally funny, occasionally insightful, occasionally informative but hopefully always entertaining.

We hope you enjoy.

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